Data recovery

After making available some business cards, the community centre asked if I’m able to undelete a video file that was produced there but lost a few years ago, and the only DVD of it that they had is lost in their old premises which are still being repaired. So with conversation about how little hope can be had for any success I took a look at things.

Their video editor gave some useful clues that their spare drive was used, and running Recuva on there using a deep scan resulted in several video files being found, from 2004. Most of them were in a poor condition due to pagefile.sys overwriting them, but some were still able to be recovered, including the intro sequence to the video and a few interviews.

It’s amazing that any info about those 9 year old videos was able to be found, but to successfully recover some of them entirely without any damage to them at all is just incredible.

Zero point

Meanwhile, conspiracy guy was saying that I should take a look at some zero-point experiments. I found that only 1 result has been obtained where a spinning semiconductor results in a 0.5-2% lessening of gravity above it, but such results have been impossible to anyone else to achieve so without confirmation from other parts of the scientific community, they can’t be trusted. However, because there is a book club coming up, I’ll be taking a good look too at The Hunt for Zero Point. My cynical nature says that they have already found it due to there being zero confirmed results.

Pub quiz

The winnings from a few weeks ago were put to good use tonight on a ploughman’s platter for everyone to enjoy, and we have a new member who is looking to be a reliable and ongoing member, and she knows sports! So that should help to fill a sorely lacking hole in our general knowledge.