Mens health

An opening day was held for the Hepatitis C Resource Centre and others at the Mens Support Hub that has opened up on Gloucester Street. We’re moving in there, and it should help to make it easier for us to work together with other aspects of the community too.

While I was there for pre-event drinks and speeches, sadly I was not able to stay for the BBQ dinner due to another event out at Riccarton that I was to also attend.

Fast & the Furious 6

Fortunately I had pre-purchased tickets for this movie, because on my arrival to Riccarton Mall I raced past the waiting group from the movie meetup club and on through to the supermarket to get dinner and snacks for the movie, before making it back just in time for the movie to begin.

The movie was fast paced and enjoyable to watch, but for me it was the parts with Michelle Rodriguez that were the best. Normally she dies in all the movies that she’s in, but she died in the previous one so having come back from the dead, results in her not needing to die this time around.

It’s a macguffin type of movie, where they have to stop another team from obtaining a macguffin, and when they can’t be stopped (they have a tank), things turn to chasing them down and getting it back. After an end of movie sequence on a runway where they spend around 20 minutes chasing an aircraft that’s trying to take off, there was an excellent stinger at the end of the movie about what to expect from the next one, and all I can say is wow. In fact I turned to others in the theater and could only say “Wow!” at the time.


I retrieved the Pratchett books this evening after Go had finished, and chose to do a good job with the tying down. By making good use of four anchor points, and using  a loop knot near the top so that the end of the rope can be taken down to the harness and back up through the loop so that it can be pulled down for additional tension, and tied off at the bottom with a few half hitches before moving on to the next point of harness.

With the load tied down to four anchor points all spread out, there is no way that the load is going to move anywhere. Even if I were to crash and everything topples to the ground, that load would likely be still be in place. I suspect though that there may exist cleaver ways of harnessing down a load such as the truckers hitch, but what was done was easily applied i the absence of such info, seems to be highly effective, and is easy to undo when you’re done too.