Health check

I went to the Palms pharmacy today to find out more about Men’s Health Week, and was directed to a pamphlet stand at the front of the store which has the info about Mens Health Week at the front of their monthly specials catalog, and informed that that’s about all that they do. On reading the info in their catalog I found that several pharmacies are performing free blood pressure checks all the way through June as a part of the awareness campaign, and directed to a website to find out which ones. Apparently this pharmacy at the Palms is one of those places too.
On returning I brought this up with the lady who served me, who was puzzled about it and went back to check on things. After a bit of a wait I was then asked by someone else to wait while things were organised for me to have my blood pressure taken. Apparently I am the first person who has ever approached them about obtaining this free health check, and the campaign has been running for the past two weeks, with three more weeks to go until the end of the campaign. It’s little wonder as to why, what with people being turned away at the front due to staff who are ignorant of the situation.

Losing important stuff

Someone was asking about ebooks earlier on today, and I helped to reveal a significant issue with them. How many ebooks will be easily available in 30-50 years from now? We think nothing of enjoying books from the 60’s or 70’s, but as we have learned with photos and images, it’s much harder to keep computer information around for a long period of time due to accident of failure of computer equipment. I still haven’t seen much of a solution to this problem either, because we now have no real incentive to make proper prints of important photos.

This same problem also exists too with videos, and ebooks, and any other computer information that we care about. The only real solution is to back things up, but how many people bother to think about that before trouble occurs, or even after having heard about it?

Are you going to back up your important data this week, this month? Most likely not, and it’s not due to being lazy either, but due instead to a sense of complacency and lacking a realization of the implications that such a loss would entail.

Fixing the iPad

I’ve had enough of the charging troubles that my iPad is having, so when D&D was postponed tonight it was a good time to backup everything on the tablet and follow some troubleshooting articles about resolving the problem. Apparently doing a factory reset of the iPad and restoring from a backup is known to fix the problem. And with a factory reset the charging trouble seems to be fixed better. I am now though having trouble with having the iPad be recognised when I plug it in to the computer. “Unknown device” I am told, and it’s getting late, so it looks like tomorrow will be busy with attempting to restore my data on to the iPad.