Slowing computers

I realised today that computer updates are where we are deliberately accept a slowing down the performance of the computer in exchange for an improvement in other areas, such as bug fixes or computer security.

Society has historically warned against trading freedom for security, but with computers we routinely trade performance for security all the time. That is why computers get slower.

When you do a factory reset of a computer and restore things back to how it was off the shelf, it has a fast and snappy performance. It’s only after installing antivirus program’s and performing windows updates that things slow down.

So that’s why computers get slower over time.


It seems that the recharging is working more readily now, when plugged in to the computer, but iTunes still fails to recognise anything about the iPad now. The device manager shows that the Hardware Id of it is “USB/UNKNOWN” which is very bad. If that information is not available, then it’s not possible for the computer to tell what it is that’s attached to it. And the same trouble happens on other computers too, so it’s likely to be an issue with the iPad itself. It’s a good thing that I plan to replace it in a few months time.

Indie games

When looking at the youtube accounts of some English Country Tune players for ideas of other interesting games, I came across a particularly psychedelic one that could be interesting to expose the conspiracy guy to. I’ll see how he handles things with ECT and SpaceChem first though, before blasting him with BrainPipe.