I stopped in at Angus Donaldson to obtain a repair print of a DVD cover, and decided to also get 10 copies of an introduction to Go printed too, so that the Go club could have some available. I found out that it’s costly for colour prints though, some $75 for 4 pages of double sided printing for a folded and stapled booklet. So, instead one in black and one in colour have been done, so that a decision about which to go with can be obtained. I’ll also see if I can find a good way to print things in colour in a less costly manner, and clean up the pages first too because many jpg compression artefacts are visible in the final output.


While there though, I also picked up a few DVD’s from Penny Lane Records, those being a double set of Pitch Black & Chronicles of Riddick, and Children of Men. At just $5 for each movie I’ll be able to build up a nice collection in no time.

Community centre
The community centre was nearly closed this morning, because a girl who volunteers there was away packing up her home in readiness for moving this weekend, and the office lady was going to help her this morning too. Fortunately I came in at 10 as a sign was being put about the place being closed until later that afternoon, and offered to look after things for them until they can return. Some repairs took place, such as to a sliding door that had jumped off the rails, and things went well under the new stewardship.