States of consciousness

This morning, due to an upcoming mid-winter meal a Buddhist centre, I thought that it would be beneficial to attend a talk at the Upper Riccarton library on gnostic psychology, about the 4 states of consciousness. It was an interesting view on things, and the meditation afterwards had us focusing on our breath and then our heartbeat, which for some reason I wasn’t able to feel throughout my body. In concern, I checked my pulse at the wrist and neck to be sure that I wasn’t a zombie, finding it still to be there.


The afternoon was spent by killing time on my iPad at Riccarton Mall, the central library, and some free wifi locations such as McDonalds, and acquainting myself with things that want to be updated or added due to the factory reset that I performed a few days ago. Everything is in the backup, which I’ll be able to extract later on, but the most timely info to restore is my DnD character that was managed from a nice app, and the Go games that were recorded using SmartGo Kifu.

Buddhist centre

The evening consisted of a lovely 5-course mid-winter evening at the Kalpha Bhadra Buddhist Centre in Cashmere, where the first course was a meditation before the 4 meal courses. This meditation seemed to go a lot better for me. We were focusing on our breath at our nose, and my heartbeat as much easier to discern this time, to the point where it seemed to be rocking forwards and back.

The other four courses were the meal which consisted of a polenta main meal followed by roast veges and salad, a farmhouse chocolate tart for dessert, and after-dinner mints and drinks. People from the movie group made up about half the group and the dinner conversations were interesting to hold. I look forward to other such dinners but will have to budget myself with them, because too many meals like that have resulted in too much weight gain as of recent.