Protective cover nicely secured

Protective cover nicely secured

Handles to secure protective cover

Riding gloves

Due to the rain today I’ve tried a new technique to protect my riding gloves from the worst of the weather, and that is to use my pinky finger and prehensile thumb to secure and retain a protective cover from recycled grocery bags. It seems to be quite effective too.


The last episodes from season 2 of Deadwood were seen today, and it’s difficult to see quite how they’re going to top things for the next and last season. Other than of course Swearengen, E.B. Farnham has become quite the intriguing character, and is deserving of some uplifting attributes than is currently on the TV Tropes list of Deadwood characters because while he does do bad things they’re not normally for the intent of maliciousness, but more commonly due to incompetence instead.


Episodes 21 and 22 from the 24 of season 1 have been quite enjoyable. Episode 21 resulted in cries of shock at the Moriarty cliffhanger, and fortunate for us we had episode 22 ready to hand so that we could get in to it right away. The last two episodes are no doubt going to deal with Irene Adler and chasing down Moriarty, which will be quite the experience to behold.