There is a simple game called Flow that has taken my interest as of late. The webpage version doesn’t do it much justice though, because on a tablet there is a much more natural interface for this sort of game. In just the past few days I’ve managed to solve every single level, and am going over them again working out how to achieve a perfect score on all of them.


This morning conspiracy guy asked after my health because I didn’t look too well, which was a surprise but things came right back on track when he asked if it was because someone had filled my room with a poison gas, which is a constant worry that he has about his own situation.

He was also asking if I knew much about bar codes. He’s wanting a tattoo of a bar code on his wrist that says razor blade, because his sister died from that a while ago. About the best that I could offer is that bar codes are for encoding numbers, not words, so perhaps he may want to buy a pack of razor blades and use the bar code from that.

Yes – I just told a mentally unstable person to go and buy razor blades.


Recently I saw a video on transcendental numbers that showed how it was proven that PI is also a transcendental number because that resulted in Euler’s number becoming non-transcendental when raising it to the power of PI. I was wondering more about the nature of the relationship of PI and circles with Euler’s number, and came across this wonderful article on an intuitive understanding of Euler’s formula.