While around at a friends place I mentioned the charging problem that seems to be backwards from normal issues, where is charges fine in the computer but not when plugged in to the mains, and we tried their mains charger which works fine – so it’s going to mean a replacement of my wall charger to get things fixed up.

Wet jacket

As it has been quite wet for the past several days and my bike jacket is not going to do well if it remains wet 24/7, so in an effort to do something about this I have hung it up in the hot water cupboard, because airing it elsewhere just doesn’t seem to have much effect. This should become quite useful considering that it’s supposed to snow tomorrow.


Today I learned that you should leave your keyboard feet unfolded¬†because levering up the keyboard is bad for the wrists, and is just to help make the keys more visible for hunt-and-peck users. So it’ll be flaps up for me from now on.