Despite it being cold and having started snowing I went in this morning to the community centre, dodging the occasional pothole that the snow was threatening to disguise. Fortunately the little ground-cover that there was departed when the rain came later on that day, for I had an outing to a movie later on that night.

World War Z

I went along to this expecting it to be nothing like a zombie movie, and I wasn’t disappointed. There were no horror aspects to this movie that we have come to expect from other zombie movies. Basically they were more like a tidal wave of water among which our hero had to wade, in order to try and find a way for the rest of the world to survive.


I don’t think that my power plug is causing my iPad charging trouble. When out at the Palms I purchased a second power plug that’s designed to work with iPads, to rule out there being any issue with the one that I’m using, and when I got home the charging issue remained. The problem started happening as soon as I moved, which cannot be happenstance. I’m told here that we can’t have the jug, the toaster, and the microwave on at the same time because that will trip a fuse, so I think that there just isn’t enough juice in the mains here to charge my tablet. It’s looking like it’s time to try out charging it at other locations to prove this point.