Screeenwriting podcasts

Due to the persistent downpour of weather it is mostly an indoors day today catching up on computer stuff, so it has been good time to catch up with some screenwriting podcasts. One of them had quite the insightful comment about why there aren’t many good female dramas.

My theory is that traditionally, studio films hold women up as a moral ideal for men, so the idea is that men are broken, women are fixed. So even if you have a female protagonist, the problem is not her, the problem is the men around her. And so you can’t have a broken woman, but that’s not good drama. The whole point of drama is that you are broken.

They also did an entire podcast about one-step deals, which is why many movie scripts just aren’t all that special these days. They did some role-playing with a studio exec supporting the idea, and here’s the core message that they had to say about the situation.

When you say that they are going to work really really hard to give you a script that you like, what they’re going to do is to work really really hard to give you a script that you like. They’re going to deliver the safest most expected thing possible because they only have one shot. What I guarantee they won’t do is surprise you. They certainly won’t exceed your expectations because they can’t afford to. They’re going to have to deliver the safest possible thing.

The section on one-step deals  is well worth the listen, and starts at 21 minutes and 15 seconds in to the One-step deals, and how to read a script podcast.