In the hunt for a solution to my tablet charging problem, I took both power blocks in to the community centre to test them out there, and no change occurred in the ability to charge up from there. I did find though that one of the cables is no good, so it’s goodbye to the theory that the cables are okay. The remaining cable that works fine when plugged in to the computer, and will on Wednesday be taken around to someone’s place where further testing can be done, and a final outcome can be achieved.


The community centre has finally been given the green-light to move back in to their old building in on 14 July, so it will be goodbye to Jo Jo’s when that day arrives.


Recently i heard about a coffee store in Russia and Germany that has a new charging scheme, where the coffee is free and you instead pay for the time that you spend in the coffee shop. I don’t think that the idea will take off though, because normally after you have paid for your coffee you can relax ad spend time with friends, but when you are on the clock you won’t be able to relax as easily.