Character management

When recreating my D&D character last week and printing it out, a detail on one of the cards hadn’t been prepared quite right so it was back to the drawing board to get things sorted out, and to have another colour page reprinted.

More trialling though is when uploading that character from my computer to the online character manager. There are three things involved with this. There is the character builder program which does a great job of helping you through all the details, there is the i4e character sheet replacement tablet app which on the iPad is really spiffy, and bridging the two is their online import manager to where you upload a character, and from which the app retrieves the character.

The import manager doesn’t do a good job of importing the character due to several details being missing. Some of those details are ones that can be updated on the website after uploading, and other needed changes are ones that the website isn’t capable of handling. I am also left with the question of what happens when I make further changes to the character after levelling up? I’ll have to make such corrections all over again to the character after it has been imported.

So the only viable solution is to not upload the character from the here on out, but to instead use the character builder to help manage the building of the character, and to then manually make suitable changes to the online version of the character in the online managed version of it.

The other aspect of things that I need to be careful about is when making changes via the character sheet app. Instead of making changes from that, I should make those changes to the website version of the character first and then attempt to retrieve that character to see whether such changes took place. If any desired change isn’t capable of being done on the website, I need to work out if it’s important enough to make, and if it is to then record a log of those changes because they’ll need to be done every time after retrieving the character from the website.

It might end just being easier to just manage things the old-fashioned way with pencil and paper.