Refining the process

Much of today was invested in correcting the character data that the i4e web site imported from the character builder. Much of the precalculated values have been removed, and replace with ones such as WIS+2 so that when an item provides an enhancement bonus, it will actually do so only when held. After an afternoon checking everything over and experimenting with different settings, all of the details now look and behave correctly once the character is imported from the i4e website to the iPad. The only detail is that the main-hand and off-hand weapons are switched around, which is a detail that I am happy to correct on the (now hopefully) rare occasion when I import the character again.

While such changes could have been more easily performed from the iPad itself, it’s important that the website version of the character also be correct too so that it can be relied on at some later stage as a form of backup for things.


The dvd that the movie group was showing tonight is Ikuru (1956) which was an interesting old Japanese movie about a dead-at-heart council bureaucrat whose live takes a turn when he learns that he has stomach cancer. The first half of the movie went well, after which things became less interesting at his funeral and wake. At that point other people involved at his work spent quite some time debating over his involvement in the course of things. I can see why that occurred, for it allowed his family to learn about things relating to him, but for us as an audience it really slowed down the story telling and become quite the plod at that point. Nevertheless, it was overall an interesting movie to have seen, and I wouldn’t want to have missed out on the parts of it that were enjoyed.