Today I was asked for some help with understanding the difference between JSON and JSONP, and how to apply the two, so this has been a good time to put together a scripting post about about what is JSONP are used for AJAX requests, and why issues of security result in some difficulties.

Basically, it’s used when you want to get information from somewhere outside of your domain, without having to worry too much about issues of security.


Recently a simple but addictive game has taken my attention on the iPad, called flow. I’ve since progressed on to its sequel now called Flow Bridges which is as addictive and engaging as the original. The game comes with 5×5 to 9×9 puzzles, and other level packs up to 14×14 can be purchased for just a dollar or two. I’m nearing the end of all of them now, and the completionist in me is looking forward to no just completing all of the levels, but doing so with a perfect rating on every last one of them.