A business meeting at the Papanui WINZ office this morning went well this morning, but I should have stayed around afterwards to discuss a few things over. My foot’s getting the worse of me though. I’ll be in at the doctors office tomorrow morning about this because things may have gone too far. A spider bit my leg a month ago while I was in bed, and now the 4 puncture marks are still there and tender, and a few of my toes are bruised and tender, including the big toe. Is this due to the bite or is it doe to other circulation issues? Who knows. But that’s not the main thing that I’m going in to the doctor about.

I’ll be seeing him because I’ve had a cold for a long time now – since before I moved out of the B&B that I was at – which has been since early around March or perhaps even earlier. A quarter of a year is much longer than the week or two that I used to get, and others have been mentioning the poor chap who had the same thing for over a year only to find out that he was leaking cerebral spinal fluid from his nose instead. I doubt that I have such a thing, but am hoping to find some form of relief to things none-the-less.

Actually, come to think of it, the timing is pretty right for when I came off my bike and damaged my shoulder too. This bears some consideration.

Hidden fields

On better news, I’ve been getting more involved with helping people learn more about JavaScript. On this occasion, it’s someone wanting to know more about how do hidden form fields that appear when a certain ratio button is selected, which is nice from a usability standpoint but is difficult to do properly. There are issues such as how to ensure that they remain visible if scripting isn’t available. A full run-down can be found at this response on the forums, and I’m tempted to try and codify things in to more of an article on the topic too.