Water on the brain

Well the doctors visit went well. It was in March when I first noticed that the running nose was lasting for longer than your average cold, and by the end of June have become heartily sick of it. I’ve had it since that motorbike accident on Feb 12, so we are closing in on 5 months with this constant ongoing issue.

Today though is the first time that I’ve brought this up with my GP, so he has brought up common causes such as do have I allergies (no), does changing the bedspread help (it is a new one from having moved, condition existed before the move), any new plants in my bedroom (plants? have you seen my brown thumb?), etc., and wants me to check in with him in a weeks time to see if things persist and to keep up my fluids. It’s will be over 5 months of constant day-by-day blowing my brain juices (cerebrospinal fluid) into my hanky – I think that it will persist in just one week’s time.

However, the doctor is new to this situation with me, so I guess that patience must persist while he acclimatises to the situation. I don’t know if it is something serious or not at this stage either, it’s just annoying for now.


Afterwards I went in to a lunch that was put on at the local community centre, which is the first time that I’ve attended such things. I don’t think that I’ll attend other ones because the food could have been a lot better, but it was also a good opportunity to meet people involved in the local community.

Breaking the rules

It looks like the newly developed version of Internet Explorer 11 is going to be making a break from it’s past. They are throwing away techniques that were unique and special to them. It’s nice to see that they’re joining the rest of the web browsers and will be supporting modern techniques too.