The local community centre is getting ready to move in to their new premises. When that will occur has gone back to being unknown, due to consent issues that need to be dealt with, but we are assured that it can’t be long now. I’ve been asked if I want to be put on the books as a guide for when the shift back to the art gallery occurs, which I’ve gracefully accepted, but I don’t know if I want to invest even more of my time volunteering there.

Someone though did ask me today what it is that I do, to which I didn’t respond with “I help people with their computers” but just “I help people” – which was much more positively received. Mind you, someone else asked if I want to help pack food for the vege co-op while someone is away on holiday, to which I declined due to not being sure about how this clinical study will affect me. I think that I’ll reconsider though come next week, because it’s going to be the middle of the month before things get started with that.


Due to the clinical trial that I’m soon going to be on, any medication has to be run by them first to check if it might conflict with what I’m intended to have on the trial. My GP gave a cream to help with my leg’s spider bites, which the poor unfortunate made in a pattern similar to the southern cross before my knee drove him across the bedsheets like cheese on a grater. Along with that are some hay fever remedies which i’m to take, to help rule out that possibility, because I’ve never had hay fever and now (or rather, 5 months ago) is a strange time to start having it. I don’t want to wrongly consider that I’m leaking cerebrospinal fluid, but that seems to fit my experience and if indeed that is the case, meningitis is easily caused by an infection getting through where the leak is occurring.

I know now that it is 5 months ago when this started, because when I stopped hosting the Go club at Mathesons Road at the end of March, I had been dealing with the issue there for several weeks, ever since a motorcycle incident where I received a large amount of damage to my left shoulder and elbow on Feb 12. So at this point in time, we’re just 1 week away from this having gone on for 5 months.

Anyway – fingers all crossed that the doctors meds will have some impact. I’m on the meds for the next few weeks to ward off hayfever and other such nasties, and I am going to remain positive that this will have an impact on nose, because if it doesn’t, it doesn’t seem like that there will be many other options left. This does though inspire a form of a joke – I’ve had a running nose for 5 months now, and boy is it tired.


Tonight it was off to Troy’s to enjoy an old blast from the past, North by NorthWest, with others from the movie group, and but for the special effect, it still hold up really well. During the movie, Cary Grant enjoyed a cocktail called the Gibson, which I recently came across in an article about good different drinks to order that bartenders are sure to know too. Historically, the Gibson came about in the early 1920’s when someone challenged a bartender to improve upon the martini, so almost as a joke, the bartender switched the olive with a pickled onion and named it after the patron, but like any good story, there are many other different origins for this drink too.