I accepted an invite today to volunteer at the St Bedes church in regard to a fruit & vege co-op, due to an organiser being away on holiday and them needing an extra hand or two to help out on Wednesday mornings. Will much come of this? I don’t think so due to me being a big and scary man, but we’ll have to see.


In other volunteer work, several hours were spent crafting together a scripting article for SitePoint about how we are accessing elements, and handling class names. It was being edited on a web form with many previews occurring and checking that the content is right, and then all that content ends up becoming lost when attempting to submit it. So I’ll today be attempting redo some of that work.


At the pub quiz this week I attempted to order a Gibson, but was met first by ignorance from the barman, and secondly by an admission that they don’t have the ingredients to make it, or even a martini. The quiz went fairly well this week though, with a new member joining our team. Someone else from our team, Travis who is the group admin, was all alone there last week and managed to on his own do better than another team that we know of there, much to their chagrin.