With the third and penultimate DVD disc for the entire series of Deadwood, the show has lost none of its flavour. The occasional new person joins the team, such as Wyatt Earp, and they help to add to the mix.

The episodes that we had his week included a good piece about cinnamon with Al Swearengen’s peaches, and how his 2nd has strong reservations about it. The second episode saw an interesting raising of tensions as Hearst makes plans to bring in gun hands. He for some reason wants to take down, or take control over the town.

The last episode that we saw involved a talent fair organised by the newly opening theatre, and more tension as Commissioner Jarry returns to ten and makes plans with Hearst about the upcoming elections.


The movies that we saw tonight were The Last Stand and The Liability. The Last Stand had an ageing Arnold Schwarzenegger and an ineffective Forest Whittaker, but Eduardo Noriega the antagonist helped to lift things quite a bit.

The Liability could have been a lot better though. Tim Roth gave the impression that he was sleepwalking through the role, and the protagonist was a Londoner youth that wasn’t doing too good a job of having us empathise with his situation.

It seems that once again, certain TV shows are providing a much more enjoyable experience than movies.