Ceremonial Opening

The opening of the Art Gallery occurred today with a pre-dawn Maori ceremony. It’s one where the tapu on the building has to be lifted, with the tohunga (a priest) moving through all parts of the building blessing it followed by all the men. After all the men have been through then it’s safe for the women to go through it too.

Unfortunately though it was raining quite badly outside, so it was considered okay if the women followed immediately behind the men, so that they can get in out of the rain. Oh how quickly do customs change – but I was thinking that if anything bad does happen, then it could be blamed on that failure to meet protocol too.

This was all followed by a breakfast that was cooked up on site, which was a good chance to catch up with some people there, before some of us headed back to the art centre for an earlier than usual opening of things.


Today the conspiracy guy was asking me what I knew of shapechangers. lizardmen, and the greys. To which I told him that I don’t believe that such things exist, and confided in him that such things are a test. They are a test of peoples gullibility, for people who believe in such things aren’t considered to be capable of decent rational thought in other areas too.

Somehow though the message didn’t get across to him.