Steam sales

Due to the Steam sales I’ve found that I’ve been moving in to the habit of making casual game purchases. Where something is bought in the hopes of playing it at some stage, but it may actually end up not being played for a long time to come, or in some cases, not at all.

I’m even attempting to purchase games that I already own – Deus Ex:Revolution is currently $3 so when I attempted to purchase that, Steam told me that while it wants to go ahead with the transaction, it couldn’t in good faith do so because I already own it on my account. That’s somewhat embarrassing.

Cactus pliers

The arts centre was needing some pliers for when framing pictures, so I offered to get some for them and was asked to get them from down the road at the dollar store. The pliers while cheap, are of such a low quality that the handles are deliberately spiked on the handles to prevent you from applying too much pressure to them. It’s an interesting safety feature, but I do wonder how long it will be before more will be needed, and if they’ll be willing to pay for better ones too.


Tonights DND was going to involve us chasing all over an airship, but as some of our party couldn’t make it, we had a good go at a city-building game called Alhambra instead. Al’s version of it includes all five expansions, but we have only started to look at one of those expansions thus far, that of the Vizier’s favour where it allows you to make a purchase out of turn.

The game itself is an interesting challenge of attempting to pay for buildings, but not having enough, or if enough, wanting to pay an exact amount which grants you with a free turn. So you may end up collecting lots of money cards and not spending much of it, or in spending everything and having to wait several turns to build up enough to allow you to purchase more. The best strategy seems to be to not purchase when you can afford to, but to instead continue to acquire money cards so that you then have the flexibility to buy a building tile when it becomes beneficial to you.

I’ll be looking forward to trying it out again at some later stage too, so that we can then try out other parts of the expansions too.