lap-deskI paid a rare visit to the Thursday lunch at the Linwood community art centre today, to retrieve some funds that administration owed me for the purchase of some pliers earlier on, and to take in for Nicky a lap-desk that I’ve found on the cheap, so that she can use it for working on projects and to have some low-level light in the evenings.

After the lunch when events threatened to move on to the singing some Maori songs – while I can hum along to them I need to learn the words, so I took my cue to scarper off and get some shopping done.

iPad cable

After taking my iPad cabling over to some friends last night, it was eventually confirmed that even though the charging cable works from the computer but not from the wall adaptor, that it was the cable itself that’s causing the problem. A big congratulations goes out to Computer and Data Cabling Services because an iPad cable wasn’t $28 dollars that would be spent at Dick Smiths, but was only $6 from the data cabling place instead. I’m going to keep on going back to them now for anything that relates to cabling.

Cube World

After they had some security issues and dropped account creation for a while, Cube World is now back in action so I’ve at last created and account and purchased this new up-and-coming RPG infinite-world game. it’s only at an Alpha level of development right now, but already it’s quite nice and promises to have some interesting depths to it. The cube world wiki I can see is a place that I’ll be spending quite some time, if I do indeed get further with this game.

The World’s End

It’s finally been released, and while The World’s End is not disappointing and even has several good moments, it just hasn’t been able to maintain the momentum that had been promised from Shaun of the Dead (2004) and Hot Fuz (2007). The World’s End is well filmed, very well acted, and is nicely polished, but the story just doesn’t hook you as it did in those other movies. Maybe it’s because each pub name relates directly to the scene that occurred, so there was little to no surprise when things happened, I don’t know – perhaps further insight will be gained from critics, or others such as Mike and Jay from Red Letter Media from their Half in the Bag series of movie reviews. I’ll be waiting to learn more about such things.