Cryptic txt

This morning I received a mystery text message from someone I don’t know – “Are you going to meet me at the training venue. Pavilion restaurant Pausini Rd”. We don’t have any Pausini road in here in Christchurch, nor do we have any restaurant called Pavilion, so this must be a txt destined for someone else.

I reply back to them cryptically, as if I knew them, that I won’t be due to having other plans for the day. When the reply come back I then know who this mystery person is – “You’re not going to the social media seminar?” – Whoops, that’s the manager of the hep c resource centre who is sometimes my boss. He meant the Pavilion hotel on Papanui road – so it was nice to be able to tell him that my other plans for the day would involve having lunch with the Mayor.

Grand opening

After the Monday Maori ceremony to placate the gods with the opening of the Eastside Gallery, the official grand opening occurred today with a cutting of the ribbon by the mayor, and all that pomp & circumstance. After getting the place ready and organizing the seating, along with other activities designed to make you look busy, it was time to get ready for the reception. This is where I was conscripted to be in the choir with others singing the official Maori welcome, and other pieces, . I haven’t been given any of the words, or a tune to sing either, but that’s alright because others around me seemed to know less about how it’s sung than I do. Given that I don’t know any of those Maori songs, I was faking it quite well by actually singing along to the tune and stretching out the sung vowels just a fraction of a second after hearing what they should be. I was even complimented several times on how well I went given that I was thrown in to the deep end.

Afterwards came speeches from the mayor who knew more about the local area than those who live there, which was entertaining to behold, and other luminaries such as counsellors who thanked many of the project managers for pushing things along, which was followed by lunch. Well, I call it lunch but it was council-provided savouries.

All in all things seemed to go well, but I was struck with the notion that extremely little preparation was involved, but because things are of a personal importance to the people there that it’s not all that appropriate to critique such things too closely.

Afterwards I helped to entertain some of the kids thanks to an animal balloon that I still had in my pocket, bolstered by others that were in my satchel. If I get called upon to do other such things again though, I am definitely going to be investing in a balloon pump. One of the animal balloons has a split in it near the end, and it’s difficult enough to blow them up normally, so I’m busy trying to figure out why I’m losing all of my puff, until I realise the matter and knot things up just ahead of the split.

Laptop repairs

The mysterious email yesterday from Gary&Wendy was resolved this evening too. They weren’t the related to Sharon’s mother here, or to some other Gary that I know of at the arts centre, but are instead via a different Sharon from the christchurch singles group that I was involved with a few years ago. They came around this evening with their laptop and I find that their Internet Explorer has stopped working, where it crashes when trying to start it. I’m told that I can do a complete factory reset if needed to fix the problem, so I assure them that it would be more costly due to the work involved, but I’ll see what I can do.

After they left it was a fairly simple matter of starting up the no-addons version of IE, disabling any that looked to be suspicious, and then uninstalling anything that was a toolbar or similar annoyance. Their normal Internet Explorer then starts up fine, and after a scan with MalwareBytes to find and fix a few remaining issues, it’s job done without much needing to be changed on the machine.

I’ll get in touch with him first thing tomorrow to pass on the good news.