Gary’s laptop was successfully finished being worked on this morning, with Malwarebytes finding a few last things to repair on its scan.  His laptop was also full of recent movies that he wanted to pass on to me, or which I politely thanked him but didn’t do anything about. I’m less interested in screener rips and prefer to enjoy them in better quality from dvd’s.


I’ve recently edited some updates on the JavaScript Challenge and am nearing the end of things there. I do have to find some time though in which to go through the details of the solution that I ended up going with. Basically it’s one that allows us to use modern techniques in such a way that older web browsers such as IE7 are still capable of working too, so we get the best of both worlds – modern coding techniques with backwards compatibility.

Cube World

Much of the day was dropped in to this game, which has some interesting beginnings of an RPG, involving fixed character classes with special trainable abilities, and crafting of items found in the world to help provide armour, weapons, potions, and such-like. The companion system seems to be quite nice too. Based on how much I’ve been referencing wiki’s about aspects of this game, I can see that it needs to work more on aspects of discoverability, so that it’s easier from within the game to figure things out, but give that it’s an Alpha release and has a long way to go, things are going quite smoothly. I reckon that I’ll be dropping lots more time in to this one 🙂