Ow – it seems that my lumbar support from Sunday morning wasn’t good enough. When I arrived at the meditation event there was no cushioned seating left available, so I took a spot on the couch with several cushions behind me to help with support, but not enough though. It looks like this week is going to be one of putting up with such lower back pain until a few pulled muscles heal themselves.

New TV

My parents left a message on my phone yesterday about how they have purchased a new tv but are having trouble tuning it in. I get in touch with them this morning about coming over now instead of tomorrow, because I know how much my mother enjoys it.

The tv is trying to auto tune in to the free view channels, but their location on the hill means that the can’t receive it, which is why they use TelstraClear for their digital tv. So, instead of tuning in the telly, it’s just a matter of receiving from AV2 from the decoder instead. Why AV2 instead of AV1?because AV1 is the component video input, and while it can work when receiving video instead, the choice of video/component has to be made each time when changing to AV1, so there’s less confusion for everyone involved by keeping things to AV2 where such issues don’t have to be dealt with.

The aspect ratio wasn’t too good either to start with too, but after telling the decoder that things are not with 4:3 anymore and are instead 16:9 things are looking a lot better.

There is though a physical problem with the new telly, for the sticky tape that ,holds on to the bezel around the screen is coming away, and at the top of the screen is starting to fall down to the viewable part of the screen. So they are going to contact the company and make arrangements for a repair or replacement to occur.