Food Co-op

I’ve been asked if I could help Chris with the packing of food co-op bags of food at St Bedes, the local church, from where some of them come to the Linwood Community Art Centre. The church has been organising this for one year and celebrated its one year anniversary today of helping out with the food co-op. While we were waiting for the delivery truck to arrive, some preparation took place such as opening up bags to prep them for fast access during the packing. At around 10:30 the delivery truck arrived with vast numbers of crates of food, but fortunately I wasn’t helping to bring them in today due to still having a bad back from the weekend.

The packing was well organised. We formed chain-gangs where a team handled each type of fruit or vegetable, with someone weighing them to a set limit and a separate person packing it and moving the bag on to the next station. Within an hour we had dealt to a hall full of food, resulting in several hundred packages ready to go out, with a mere 13 of them destined to head back with us to the art centre. Each package consists of two supermarket bags full of fruits and veges, which for $10 is s decent deal to help families out.


The test-driven development group met up at dinner tonight for the first in a long time, and it was good to see a mix of old and new faces there. Because we had several people new to things, it was considered that bring out the old project we were working on wouldn’t be a good idea, so I suggested a new one that I had come across earlier that week where your task is to create a string calculator that can accept “1,2” and output 3, which is nice and easy, but things get more difficult later on with custom delimiters, so you end up having to deal with things like “//;\n1;2” being 3 too, or even worse, ““//[*][%]\n1*2%3””  resulting in 6.

The point to realise with these sorts of things though is that they are not designed to create anything useful in its own right. They are an exercise, like going to the gym, and can be solve in a vast number of ways. So doing exercises like that on a daily basis can help you to not just hone your skills, but to also allow you to experiment with different ways of approaching the problem.

DND night

Immediately afterwards it was off to the DND night which is still on a hiatus until the whole team can meet up there for a special event that the DM has planned for us, so tonight it was just some general gaming entertainment for us instead. This time around it was an odd card game called Munchkin, which is from the D&D luminary Steve Jackson. It’s fast playing and silly, with a tag-line of “Go down in the dungeon. Kill everything you meet. Backstab your friends and steal their stuff. Grab the treasure and run.”