On Wednesday I was trying to get the laptop at the Linwood Community Art Centre to connect via wifi with their router, but without success. It would connect with my own old d-link router without any trouble, even when using the same exact security settings that they are using, but to no avail on their own router.

This morning I realised that apart from the different router brands, the only other difference in the testing is that my router was close to the laptop. while theirs was further away. The reception indicator on the laptop didn’t show a loss of signal though, so if distance isn’t the cause of it not working, that leads me to think that the router itself may have an issue.

there are some possible solutions to that. One is to check the router for any settings that might be causing a problem, which has already been done. Another is todo a factory reset on the router and to set it up from new, which wouldn’t take much work but would need to be done when others aren’t around.

the most tempting solution though is just to replace the router entirely. Their laptop works with my router, so little is preventing them from just use my own router instead of theirs. And so that is what I approached them with this morning, It’s a viable solution, and will be looked in to shortly when they move office to the newly opened gallery location.

Pot luck

I realised this afternoon that the mid-winter pot luck with a secret Santa was happening just half a block away from where Nicky lives, so have invited her to attend it with me. The success of things could go either way, but it will be interesting to behold whichever way things go.

My stomach as of late has been playing up, with lots of gas and unpleasant bowel stuff, which I think is due to the GS-5885 medication that I’m on with the clinical trial. I haven’t changed what I eat, and would only experience what I’m getting as either food poisoning or sucrose intolerance. So I’ll bring it up with them first thing tomorrow and see what they have to say about things.