Mid-winter xmas

The pot luck mid-winter xmas with a secret santa was quite the success. I stopped by Nicky’s with some spare wrapping paper, just in case, and it became useful for wrapping up her secret santa gift. At half twelve we wandered down Gloucester Street half a block to a 90 year old’s home, where 90-year-old Meryl and June her assistant have what must be the last 1/4 acre house in the area. It’s a gorgeous place with a well-manicured back yard, and Meryl won’t be letting anyone have the land while she’s still kicking.

With music on and a few festive touches, the pot luck went down a treat. Nicky, the non-stop chatterbox that she is, engaged others there in conversation to the point where any attempt to halt the stream is like kicking a puppy. You just can’t bring yourself to do it, and likewise the people she was conversing with couldn’t bring themselves to do it either. From a 3rd-party perspective it’s quite the sight.

Things finished at around 4 and so after thanking the hosts, Nicky and I retired back to her place.

Organising collections

At Nicky’s place things took another turn. It was quite the mess, so after some time conversing we got on to the top of her DVD collection, and I offered to give her a hand organising them. It’s quite the collection of disc storage wallets for tv series and anime that she has too. After a few hours of organising them we moved on to the empty bookshelf and for the next hour or so filled and organised it with empty DVD cases, thus freeing up several boxes that can be returned back to the art centre, for when they move office in a few days down to the gallery.

Later on though as I was taken through some dilemmas with the Star Trek series of books, it was time to call things a night.