Some preparation for Monday needs to occur today. When Nicky was bemoaning useful ways to keep track of her DVD collection, I brought up one that I’ve found to be useful called MeD’s Movie Manager which should be useful in helping to organise things. As such, pre-loading it with details from her own collection can be a useful way to demonstrate it, so this morning has been partly spent organising that.

She was also going to get an ebook reader, and took interest on hearing that other parts of book collection can be fleshed out too from a large package of free ebooks that I acquired some time ago. So because she wants to have a look through them, this is a good opportunity to throw them on to the laptop too, so that they can be gone through on Monday to extract any goodness that may be there.

I’ll have to also find Chris on Monday, to pass on to him news that I won’t be available on Wednesday to help with the food co-op packing. That’s when I’m due to be spending the day/night at the clinical trial under full observation with a cannula and regular blood samples being taken – that should be fun.


With Deadwood done and gone now it’s been a good time to reflect on how good it was. This is definitely a series that’s going to be well-worth a repeat viewing in the next year or so. In the meantime, Cracker serves as a well-deserved viewing instead. I also heard that Warm Bodies is being released on DVD here in mid August, which will be enjoyable to obtain. I’ve already enjoyed it thanks to someone bringing in a DVD of it in from overseas, and of course watched it at the movies, but that’s not going to prevent it from also purchasing for myself locally too.