This morning I was asked by the manager of the art centre where I would like to go on their schedule for looking after the place. The idea is that I get dressed up in a black & white outfit and dedicate my time more fully to the place. None of this had been discussed before though, so I let her know that I have an issue with uniforms but would be happy to help out in the office or in other ways too. That seems to have put an end to that.

Also, due to being at the clinical studies place for the whole day I advised Chris that I won’t be in on Wednesday to help out with the food co-op packing – though I am still expected to help out with that on further weeks. It may just be me, but this volunteer stuff seems to be more like unpaid work instead.

Pub quiz

This evening at the pub quiz we were 11 people strong – instead of our usual 3. At the start we won a round of free drinks, and our extra numbers helped us to reach the lofty heights of 2nd place and a $25 voucher that we’ll make use of next week. I’m thinking that it may go further if it’s not used for drinks but instead for a platter for us all to share,