It’s been noted to me that my scarf colors of thin striped maroon and grey could be more representative as thick stripes of maroon and white from Cathedral Grammar where I used to attend, so the hunt is on. Ballantynes used to deal with school uniforms, but they no longer do so. They put me on to several places that do though. There’s a place in Bath street, and others in Riccarton and out at Wairakei. The one at Bath street is closed for stocktaking, so it’s out to Riccarton where I find that they don’t deal with Cathedral Grammar colors, and calling from there we find that the one at Wairakei doesn’t either – so it’s time to get in touch with the school themself, to make arrangements of a more personal nature.

Email issues

It was back to the folks this morning for lunch and to help with taking new measurements of the building.

While there I become involved with managing their email situation too. At their new location in Oxford they won’t be able to receive internet service from their existing ISP, but because their email address is tied to their ISP, it’s important that their existing email address remain active throughout their time there until they return. This is where I come in, to talk with help desk and to figure out what arrangements can be made in their situation.

It took a while just for them to find the place, but by calling out enough landmarks such as North of the waimak and a long way west of Rangiora, and the four bounding roads around the one where they will be at, the person was at last eventually able to find the location, and claims that they will be able to provide service – which is a turn-around because a local engineer from the very same company told us just a few weeks ago that they could only if we were one mile closer towards the township of Oxford. Fortunately she sees sense in putting us through to an engineer for clarification, which is a good time for me to pass things back to my father to finalise things.

They will continue to investigate things, but because my parents are moving out before the end of August there may not be enough time for their existing ISP to make arrangements to help  us remain with them. Even if worst comes to worst though, their email will be able to remain active, and even if they have to use some other ISP to provide service, they can continue to use their existing email services in exactly the same way that they have been doing, which is all that we’re after.

Unexpected happenings

D&D plans are not happening tonight, so it’s a good chance to stay in and catch up on some things, where I find some people getting worried about the pressure in Mount Fuji’s magma chamber being at record levels, and since that news came out nearly a year ago, just because it’s old news doesn’t mean that the risk is any lower. Things happening soon in this case are on a geological scale, so we may see nothing for several years. Other news though show that it should have erupted in 2011 with a margin of error of 4 years, so it’s still likely to erupt by 2015 based on the scientific data that they have to go on.

Thanks to news such as the above, it was a nice change to also enjoy a video of a flash-mob supermarket Opera that’s being passed around too.