Business course

I had a business course lined up for the start of next week, and have spent the past couple of days trying to contact someone running the course to confirm things like the starting time. Eventually I manage to get through to someone, only to be notified that it’s been postponed until next month. The good news though is that Lindsey there says that they should be able to have my business partner also attend at no extra cost, which would be very nice of them, and that I should get in touch with them the week before to confirm things about the free entry.

Identity crisis

Now that much of the art-based events have moved from the corner of England and Worcester streets down to the corner of Stanmore and Worcester streets, the England street location is now having a crisis of identity. It used to be called the Linwood Community Arts Centre, but now that the Eastside Gallery is also calling itself the Linwood Community Arts Centre, the old location at England Street is going to have to come up with some other way of referring to itself. This was most highlighted when answering the phone, because what do we greet them with? A discussion about this will be occurring sometime next week, but it seems that we’re going to be honing in on something like Te Whare Roimata as the name for the place.


One of the people I follow on Twitter has posted about an addictive iOS meditative space strategy game called Rymdkapsel. Why is it so addictive? I don’t know at this point, but will surely be sinking some time in to it tomorrow in an effort to find out.