An end to meditation

This morning’s meditation way over at Upper Riccarton, was led by someone over from Australia and involved:

  • deep breathing
  • focus on relieving tension in forehead, then neck
  • focus on heart
  • vocal meditation on Om
  • focusing back on the heart and visualising it as a source of all light
  • repeating the following:
    • May all be happy
    • May all be joyful
    • May all be at peace
  • focus on screen of the mind
  • finish with vocal meditation of Ah-Oh-El

I don’t think that I’ll be going back to it though – for I don’t seem to gain enough of a benefit from it. If my life were much more stressful that it currently is then I might come some benefit from meditation, but when I head along to it I am already relaxed and at peace with things. And as has already been said by others to me, “If you were any more relaxed you would be comatose”.

Afterwards I headed off to Riccarton Mall to waste some time there before heading off to an after-lunch engagement, which is another of several reasons why this meditation is not for me. I am reluctant to travel all the way over to Upper Riccarton then back home again before going up to Northlands, and killing time in between doesn’t sit well with me too.


When I arrive in the afternoon, I find that the early setting off has resulted in leaving my USB stick at home, so the entertainment for today will be coming from others instead. We get to enjoy several more episodes from the first season of Cracker, and finish off with the movie, The Darjeeling Limited. At first I thought that the movie would just be one of Owen Wilson and his wacky hijinks, but after a while it grows in to something a bit more meaningful. It’s also interesting to find that some of the ideas from this movie make it in to MoonrIse Kingdom, with the long dolly shots panning from room to room being something that was done later in The Darjeeling Limited, which found its way to many of the household shots in Moonrise Kingdom too.