Today has been an interesting day of exploring that Rymdkapsel game for iOS, Android, you name it – and despite the initial simplicity of its graphics, there is an interesting depth of complexity as you are running against the clock as you build up territory and support structures to reach and explore monoliths, while being regularly interrupted by incoming attacks on your minions. It’s one that I feel that I’ll be regularly coming back to time and time again. Not through compulsion though for that is a bad game mechanic, but from a better mechanism of engagement instead. A webisode from Extra Credits has good coverage of this by covering the Skinner Box which goes through the good and the bad of it, why it’s effective with games but a bad solution, and ways to improve on it for a more satisfying experience.

Posting issues

I wanted to finish off coverage of a programming conversion challenge today, so was working on it as a private message to a team-mate on the forums, so that I could gain feedback from him on it. The trouble was, that after a some updates and a few previews of the new content, I received some 500 Internal server error issues and a blank web page. If I go back a page, the same error occurs. If I go back to the web site and visit my private messages area – no problem. All that work and several hours writing flushed down the drain. So as a result, I ended up sending another message to him cursing the air blue and explaining the issue, before retreating for a while to lick my wounds.

Eventually though I created a new thread in the team’s Programming forum for that post, where I will be able to work on recreating the same content in semi-private without risking it becoming lost in the process, before putting the complete work out in public to finish off a competition thread that we have there.

While licking my wounds from before, I came across an interesting video for programmers that provides some interesting visualizations of how different sorting methods work. What different sorting algorithms sound like