Today has been one of fixing and repairing things. Jenny at Te Whare Roimata in Gloucester Street was having some email troubles, which I went around and gave her a hand with, and Rachael at the old community art centre (still to find a new name) was wanting to get a printer up and going. When she found out that it takes 6 cartridges at $35 each, totalling to $210 just for the ink – it was considered best to let the printer more on to another home.


Later on in the day, Jenny approached me saying that they want to give me some money for the assistance that I casually help with. At first I declined the offer because I’m not there to take peoples money, but they want to put me on some kind of community in action scheme where they’ll provide me with $20 a week to help cover petrol costs, which is very nice of them.

I will be watchful though, for I would prefer that this not be used as a carrot to encourage me towards more of a public-facing volunteer worker situation as a gallery assistant. I have been approached about that in the past, but such things go against certain inherent notions of mine. Someone wearing a uniform and being relied upon to serve the public as a gallery assistant are no longer volunteering, they are actually working and should be paid in return for their service. It’s not that I’m looking to be paid myself, but rather more of an ideological complaint about such a situation.

It’s a difficult dilemma though, for I do realise that these places are running on a shoestring budget, but if the only way of providing a service is to rely on locals to work at no pay then that seems to be a sad direction that our society is taking.

Pub quiz

We ended up placing 2nd equal tonight, which is a testament to the sheer numbers of us attending. It used to be just 3 of us there, and we’ve swelled to a group of more than 10 over the past couple of weeks. If this continues we may have to split up in to separate teams 🙂

Wireless printer

During the pub quiz I was called upon to help my sister who’s out of the city in Oxford, with issues with her wireless printer connecting to her computer. After getting home to the computer and realising that I need to head back out to top up my phone, I realise that I can use an easy-call card instead.

After eventually returning home I perform some basic troubleshooting with her over the phone, and taking her through connecting it via a direct cable connection instead to still no avail. Further troubleshooting will have to happen on-site, which I’ll be able to see to in a few weeks time. In the meantime some other solution is being used to scan some documents in.