Change is on the way

The signage at the old Linwood Community Art Centre (LCAC) was being removed today to be taken down to the new Eastside Gallery location. All of the LCAC bits and pieces are being moved down there, to be eventually replaced from the coffers of Te Whare Roimata.

But what are we going to call this place now to the corner of England and Worcester street? It’s still being decided, so how the phone gets answered varies from the old “Linwood community arts centre” to “Te Whare Roimata” to just “468 Worcester Street”. So there’s going to be a crisis of identity here for the next few weeks.

There’s also going to be a crisis in the bathrooms, because the hand-towel dispensers which the LCAC has paid for, have been moved down to the Eastside Gallery resulting in Te Whare Roimata not having much from their funds to replace them. A bath towel is attempting to be used by some people there, which has been since thrown out to the washing. What happens when someone wipes their stained hands on the towel, and the next person tries to dry their hands mistakenly thinking that the wet stuff on there is just water? No – that’s too bad – so I’m going to find out what needs to be done to get something done about it.

Computer repairs

On better news, I was asked around to Te Whare Roimata on Gloucester Street to help with a different email problem. When Jenny tried to open some email attachments while at home, they just couldn’t be opened. At the work location I find that they open just fine, so it seems that she just needs to install Adobe Reader on her computer at home. This was a good time to introduce her to (pronounced nigh-night). It lets you select multiple programs to install, and it then does all the rest of the work for you. Downloading, installing, configuring, you name it. So I can email her a link to just the one installer for Adobe Reader, and she can then from home easily have the download/install/configure process all done for her with no further work on her part by ninite.