It seems that I’m looking after the old Linwood Community Art Centre / new Te Whare Roimata  today. When I stopped on around this morning nobody was there, until Shirley stopped by on the way to the new Linwood Community Art Centre. I let her know that I’m aware of the alarm code and can secure things when we finish up today, so with the spare key on hand I’m ready to look after things today.

I managed to get some good writing done while there, writing up an explanation of some coding techniques to bring the formal part of a competition challenge to a close, and found some areas of the code that could be improved upon so adjustments to that will be made tomorrow – after which I should be all ready to publish it.

Mouthing off

When I get back home I see that Michael Winslow the vocal sound effects guy from Police Academy is becoming popular once again. This video about him with a guitar in his mouth came up on my video feed, which prompted a search of other things from him, such as this fun routine on driving a rental truck.

Games night

Tonight at Sam’s we broke up in to several groups, and the group that I was with started off with Munchkin, a Steve Jackson favourite where much of the entertainment comes from the crazy types of creatures and skills that you come across.

Elder Sign is an interesting recent co-op investigation game where you race against time and pit your sanity against the return of the Ancient One. I think that we may have been playing it slightly incorrectly though, for one of the players abilities was just too useful. I have since found from the errata/faq that the Mandy character’s ability should not be once per turn as stated in the game, but once per day which helps to resolve that issue nicely. I look forward to visiting this particular game again when it can be played as a more enjoyably challenge.

And lastly was Citadels, where you acquire gold to erect buildings. Each round you get to choose a card the the role you’ll play that round, from assassin, thief, magician, king, bishop, merchant, architect or warlord. Each one has special abilities. and mitigating the benefits of others while not getting cut out yourself can be quite the challenge.

munchkinelder signcitadels