Sumner Beach

This morning involved meeting up with others at Sumner beach to take some dogs for a walk, but what was more interesting came afterwards when we went to Underground Coffee afterwards, for it was in a nexus of several other coffee shops that had taken over that corner. Across the road by Hollywood 3 it was surrounded by Coffee Culture and Hummingbird Cafe, and on the other corner as we head back to the Cave Rock there’s Deli-Licious Cafe and Joe’s Garage serving up coffees too. How many coffee places can a single corner support?


Afterwards it was off to Northlands to enjoy some DVD’s. The last part of season 1 of Cracker was one day a lemming will fly which was delightfully tense. A school teacher is suspected of killing a student, with an on-again off-again conflict of whether he did it or not, and even when he confesses we don’t think that he is guilty of it after all, and nor does Fitz. It’s very well played.

This was followed by a Jason Statham polish gangster movie called Redemption which was okay but dragged at times, and the PTSD aspect of things just doesn’t resonate all that well, but the relationship with a nun who dreams of going to the ballet was an interesting twist to things that had to ultimately result in him choosing a darker path.

A better movie followed called Dead Man Down which is a revenge movie where Colin Farrell seeks revenge in the midst of realistic gangsters, and has an interesting relationship with a woman with facial injuries from a car crash, Noomi Rapace from the Swedish Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, who’s seeking revenge on the man who injured her. She has a hold over Colin due to recording him killing someone and convinces him to help her take care of the man who injured her. As a relationship between them grows, those initial plans end up becoming less important – it’s quite the interesting study.

THings finished up with the Top Gear season finale, where they farewell by doing a tribute to all British cars and vehicles that are manufactured in Britain, with them all lines up and down the Mall featuring in a parade of honour. While it was in danger at times of going too far off the edge, ultimately it was blowing their own trumpet in the best tradition of all things British.