Community centre improvements

Things are improving now at the old community centre – the fridge that broke last week is now replaced, the spare computer is now set up and loaded with music to play throughout the day, and I have acquired some cabling from Computer & Data Cabling Services to get the internet back on once again. They’re going to get keys for myself too so that I can open things up if there’s nobody’s there of a morning too, which is nice of them.

Troubles with the Eastside Gallery computing systems are also now fixed up too. Their printer is up and going again, and a mystery with their laptop wireless connection now seems to be resolved. It wasn’t connecting to the wireless network for some reason, and was always waiting for an IP address to be given to it from the router. After attempting to use a spare TP-Link network adaptor and installing networking drivers for that, it seems to have fixed the problem with the internal wireless, so that separate one isn’t needed at all now. Now it’s just a matter of time and patience as it brings down half a year’s worth of windows updates.

DVD night

Wings of Desire (1987) was the movie on tonight, which is about angels over Berlin while the wall was still up. They can hear all of our thoughts, but can’t be seen, though children have an easier time of sensing them and a few adults can subtly pick up on things too. They like to use the library as a form of home-base, due to the wide range of thoughts and ideas that run through people’s heads, but one of them tires of immortality and desires to be human.

A relationship grows between him and a trapeze artist, and separately there is Peter Falk (Colombo) who is there shooting a WW2 movie and worries that he may not be understanding his role well enough.

My main concern with this movie is that it lingered far too long on certain aspects of things, to the point where the audience gets bored and shifty. It seems to be a movie that is better approached in a contemplative manner, because there are long stretches that serve little point to the film other than to extend some form of emotionality that it is trying to convey.

Ultimately the angel ends up becoming human and forms a brief relationship with the trapeze artist, and finds that Peter Falk used to be an angel himself too. Overall the main idea of the movie is quite enchanting, and with some more studio editing would make for a dramatically enjoyable film.