This morning I was invited to participate in a Pōwhiri greeting for a new administrator coming to help with the Eastside Gallery. She wasn’t allowed to speak until after the ceremonial greeting and we had all introduced ourselves, and so it now seems that I am the official IT support person for Te Whare Roimata. Yay – now if only such things involved the earning of money, that would be better.


After the Pōwhiri it was a quick stop off at the community centre to drop off some food that was kindly donated from the DVD night the previous evening, before heading out to volunteer at St Chads with the food co-op stuff. When finished there it was back to the community centre for lunch, where everyone else there highly appreciated the foods and snacks from that DVD night that I had bought around.

Lost carrier

Bringing my laptop home tonight the back of my scooter fell off on pages Road. The bumpy Christchurch roads have taken their toll, and metal fatigue resulted in a support for the rear carrier of the bike breaking down. After a quick stop to completely remove the carrier by twisting it around a few times to fully break the connection on the other side, I was able to more safely bring it home.

DnD night

This evening was a bit of a late start due to police checks on Pages Road delaying everything while rego’s and warrants were checked, so those of us that were in South New Brighton were regaled with the tale of Sir Bearington where a player chooses to play as a bear. With things like this it’s important to have a good DM (dungeon master) so he allowed it curious about how things were going to be handled, and things got a bit weird.

Here are the details:

sir bearington