Plans this morning were to visit an old developer in South New Brighton who still uses DOS to create his business applications, but his power went out after breakfast so plans were delayed. He’s wanting me to help him set up an external USB drive with WIndows 7 so that he can boot from that on his Windows 8 tablet, to gain a fully DOS-compatible environment for him to work with. So, plans were delayed until later on this afternoon with him coming around to me.

Jacket & Jersey

So this morning was used instead to hunt down a decent heat-preserving jacket for the ski-field, even though I suspect I won’t get anything in the way of skiing itself done, so while out for that today I also came across a very nice fair-isle jersey from the Sydenham save mart.

fair isle jersey 001

John’s arrival

Later that afternoon John arrived with his portable drive that he wants me to put windows 7 on to, and took me through the DOS-based programming that he uses for business work. It’s a pretty good system using Clipper which allows for easy communication between a flat-file database and the screen. He spoke of my possibly taking over his work as time goes on, because he’s 76 now, but this is something to be cautious about. It’s unpaid, so there’s a risk that he’s just looking for some unpaid assistance as well – time will tell.

The Millers

Tonight’s movie was highly entertaining about a small-time drug dealer who gets robbed, and has to make up for it by smuggling a “smidge” of marijuana across from Mexico in a campervan, so he gets the bright idea to recruit a fake family – only to learn that it ends up being a few metric tons that they’re bringing back instead. This movie tends to shine best when it’s focusing on how a family need not just be a blood-connection, but can easily grow from other well-springs instead.