School scarf

This morning involved prep work for the upcoming trip. I was planning to wear a scarf from Cathedral Grammar, my old school, and received an email from them in reply just last night due to things having got lost in their spam filter. When I arrived there this morning I find that their uniforms department only runs are certain limited times, so I’ll have to wait until after the weekend before organising a scarf from them there.


Due to the weekend being up in Hanmer Springs, my usual weekend movie watching has been moved to today instead, which included some incidentals such as What if Star Wars Episode I was good where Michael takes us through how he would rework the script, and the just released sequel to that, What if Star Wars Episode II was good. There’s a lot to agree with there. There was also a nice TED talk of Mike Row learning from dirty jobs, where he gets in to some quite heavy-hitting greek classics as a way of understanding more about our world and the way that we approach work.

After that we caught up with the latest episode of Breaking Bad which delves into the reveal and fallout of Hank learning that Walt is Heisenberg.

After that we enjoyed The Incredible Burt Wonderstone which would have been better if Burt had started out as a character that we could be more sympathetic towards, instead of being a douche about things. The arc involving his hero and inspiration, Rance Holloway, is what helped to keep things interesting and involving throughout. We followed with The Expatriate which is a CIA thriller set in Belgium, but has several issues with it which are allowed only because without them the story wouldn’t be there to be told.

Bookend all of this with a few episode of The Sopranos, and all in all it was a pretty entertaining and educational day.