To Hanmer Springs

Arriving at the front of Smith’s City at the Belfast Supa Centre At 7:10 AM I find that there’s nobody there for the next half hour. Puzzled, I go for a coffee and use their wifi to find out that we were supposed to meet at the back of Smith’s City instead – not the Supa Centre side of Smith’s City – curses!

But all is not lost. hurried plans occurred to organise a coach trip up to Hanmer thanks to Hanmer Connection, and while waiting for that that to arrive after 9, others in the group were kept informed of my plans.

The Pools

On arriving at 11, I find that the only shuttle going up to the ski field was at 9:15, so the rest of the day is enjoyably spent at the pools. At around 3 the group sends me a txt saying they didn’t go skiing after all due to only the learners slope being open, and that they’ve arrived at the house which I just down the road at St John’s Road.

It’s a nice rental home with a roaring log burner, and after settling in everyone decides that it’s a good time to go to the pools, so it’s time for me to head back there again too, where I find that the relatively tepid pool is excellent to relax and unwind in.


Returning back home a few hours later, we unpack the snacks we bought along which includes, a cheese fondu, a 7 layer dip made i. A ceramic casserole dish which was more like a Mexican meal, and a chocolate marquise mousse along with multi-various other bits and pieces, while finishing off the evening with the rugby between Australia and New Zealand.