Pukeko Junction

This morning one of the group has a box of Swandri clothing that was donated to him from the factory, the proceeds from which will go towards the meetup site subscription costs, from where I picked up a lovely Swandri jacket at a steal for just $40.

Plans to go skiing today are off for the same reason as yesterday, due to the rainy weather and low visibility – and I’ve only just seen this recent Press article about how skifield owners are on tenterhooks right now – so we headed off on the way home and enjoyed a morning coffee and some of the amazing selection of food at Pukeko Junction Cafe & Deli.

Only Lovers Left Alive

This evening it was off to a film festival movie about vampires. It’s a slow and languid affair, but it’s not a romance movie and nor does it drift for too long. The movie is an interesting study on two very different vampires called Adam and Eve who live in far off parts of the world, he in Detroit and she in Tangier. Human blood is now contaminated with all sorts of disease and drugs, so the good pure blood is a rare resource to obtain. This film is also rife with references of a hipsterish nature in the world of music and literature, and tries to give the vampires a central role with all of the famous people in our world and their works. It’s an interesting way to bring them in to our history, but has an unfortunate side-effect that the director may not have intended of denigrating the real-world contribution that our scientists and artists have given to the world.

After she comes to Detroit to stay with Adam, a more fun-loving vampire Eva is introduced from L.A. part-way through, but the troubles that she causes ushers in the third act of the film.

All up though, given that I went in with no expectations about the film it was enjoyable in a referential culture manner, and raises some interesting questions about our society and how we treat the world. But, it runs the risk of being self-indulgent too because we’re not given enough of a plot to sink our teeth in to.