The school scarf for Cathedral Grammar is finally obtained, but the only older striped ones available were second hand and given that they are a bit thinner than the more modern scarf that the school uses, it was a good opportunity to obtain both types that the school has.

External drives

Much of the rest of today has been spent attempting to install Windows 7 on to an external USB drive, only to find that the operating system doesn’t allow that to occur. So investigations have been been occurring in that regard. Apparently PWBoot can be used to create a bootable USB external drive for your operating system, but that requires a windows installation image. But where to obtain one from? That would seem to be as installing Windows 7 on to a virtual machine and using a USB stick with WinPE on it to boot that virtual machine, so that a windows installation image can be obtained from it, but of course the virtual machine software doesn’t seem to want to boot from a USB stick, so other options will have to be explored in regard to that later on.


While waiting for things to occur though, I have come across an interesting series of videos from Mark Crilley where he teaches you how to draw in different and interesting ways.