Herding cats

Today involved helping my parents to move plants and animals out to oxford. Fortunately we had a sack barrow ready to hand to help move several planter pots containing things like lemon trees to the trailer, some of which had been recently watered too which helped to weigh the down. With the morning interrupted by a management meeting to prep for a committee meeting, I returned back home to finish helping my parents secure three cats and load them in to the car, and we were off.

The cats caterwauled all of the way out to Oxford, but as they all had different cries there was a kind of chorus occurring where one would set off another. When we arrived, a sheltered chicken-wire pen had already been set up for them with their own cubby holes and bedding. One of them immediately climbed to the ceiling looking for a way out, but didn’t take too long to settle down. It’ll be interesting to see though just how long it takes before a complete escape is achieved. The main plan is to allow for their eventual release next month.

Then after heading over to my sisters place in Oxford to help fix her washing machine, it was back to Christchurch with plans still to attend an evening DVD night.

DVD night

The Commitments (1991) has lost none of its touch over the years. It’s still a fully enjoyable tale of some Irish people who formed a good band, and several moments caused me to have shivers up my spine. I’m going to have to track down their album again now to enjoy listening to it again.