This morning I was slated to help out with the food co-op, but due to yesterday seeing me involved with Oxford for most of the day I need this morning to do the preparation that I should yesterday have done. If I head along to help in the morning then I will not have enough time to prepare for this afternoon’s meeting with John about his accounting package.

So, this morning found me creating virtual machines for both Windows 7 and DOS 6.22 and preparing them so that they may be used for demonstration purposes. While doing so I come across some further information that creating a bootable external USB drive with DOS on it may be easier to achieve than with Windows 7, so I’ll have to investigate that too at some stage.

Meeting with John

The plan was to meet up with John this afternoon so that after I could head down the road to the DnD night, but that was postponed until next week so our meeting could go ahead uninterrupted. We went in to some good detail of the job-tracking and accounting program that he has created for a few businesses here in Christchurch, and after dinner we delved in to his experiences as a school teacher in China, where it seems that things are a lot more messed up there in terms of bribery and corruption than tends to be publicised.

So after all that, I now have a stack of Clipper programming reference books to work through, and vast amounts of programming code to come to grips with. Joy,