The old location for the Linwood Community Art Centre (LCAC) is beginning to suffer. The administrator at the new location keeps on coming around to remove bits and pieces such as clipboards, toilet facilities, and computers. The local staff are getting annoyed at this because Te Whare Roimata doesn’t have the petty cash to replace such things all that rapidly, but this is something that has to be viewed from the perspective of both parties. The new LCAC has already paid for those parts and doesn’t have the money to buy new ones and donate what is at the old location, so it’s going to result in keeping a level head and making the best of what we can of the situation.


On the way over to tonight’s book group I found that my scooter is no longer unstable when coasting. Previously the handlebars would have a speed-wobble that got worse as you get faster, but after filling up the bike I found that trouble is completely gone. Was it due to filling up? Unlikely – so it’s most likely due to not having the rear carrier on the bike anymore. That rear carrier was causing the stability problem that the bike has had ever since I purchased it. So it’s great that this all seems to be resolved now.

Book group

This month’s book was over in Ilam, and we got to discuss many interesting and varied topics along wit those relating to books too.

The group-read of Tampa has been held off until the October meeting due to a difficulty in obtaining the book, and the next group read may-well be The Luminaries for February, and other books that took quite an interest too were The Fry Chronicles, Warm Bodies, The Messenger and Junk.