Conflict between managers of the old and new locations of the Linwood Community Arts Centre have been rising. The manager from the new location keeps on coming back to the old location to remove bits and pieces because neither place has the petty cash to replace things, which results in Rachael at the old location constantly being surprised about things that are no longer there or need to be replaced – so concern about communication between them both has been raised to Jenny who runs Te Whare Roimata under which both places run, so that a sit-down can be organised so what belongs to whom can be more readily settled.


Someone has recently picked up a Kindle device, for which my collection of over 8000 organised kindle books has become very useful so vast amounts of classics, historical, and cooking books have been added to it. The poor thing is now quite low on storage space and insists on having some of the books removed so that it has enough memory to show them. The poor thing.


Today’s progress with Clipper has been about exploring Harbour MiniGUI which claims to allow a migration from a DOS-based environment to a Windows one. It’s not wanting to compile though due to duplicate function names, so some of today has involved simplifying things so that database requirements and other aspects are not needed. Over the next few days I should be able to have things simplified right on down to something that will compile.

DVD night

With Olympus has Fallen the invitations were left open in the thought that around 50% of those signed up don’t tend to make it. It seems in this case that 90% of them did, so space for around 16 people was needing to be found at Ross’s place which was having trouble seating just half that number. THe movie itself seems to have fallen somewhat flat. The CGI effects were woe-fully inadequate with aircraft fly-bys being just a cheap computer model, the lighting seemed to be dull and monochrome much of the time, and the script was sadly missing much of the polish that we have come to expect these days. For example, when the antagonist threatened our hero about his wife, no payoff occurred there. The wife wasn’t put in danger, the hero didn’t respond later on about threatening his wife – nothing. It’s as if plans for that had been in place earlier but were then cut out for budget or other reasons. But despite the movie being somewhat lack-luster, the company was good and wouldn’t put me off further-such occasions.